Posthaste in October!

Hello you two, you two people that read this website. I appreciate you. I love you.


My ten minute play, Posthaste, about a father and his young son on the run from the law, will be produced as part of UC Davis’ inaugural Ground and Field Theatre Festival! You can check it out on October 5th, 6th, and 7th at the Wyatt Pavilion Theatre in Davis, Californa.

I’m in the 4th Annual Dallas One Minute Play Festival

Hello to the two, maybe three people who ever visit this site!

I have two new one-minute plays, Thank You and Buy Now! in the 4th Annual Dallas One Minute Play Festival. The festival is being hosted by Kitchen Dog Theater (who always does really cool new work) and will feature 29 other Dallas playwrights.

The festival takes place on August 19th, 20th, and 21st at 8pm at 2600 North Stemmons Freeway, Suite 180 in Dallas, TX. You’ll get a chance to see 60 new plays in one weekend, so fuck yeah!

I Watched 2001’s Planet of the Apes Reboot So You Wouldn’t Have To

Man, this was a bad movie. I remember thinking it was “meh” when I saw it in theaters as a fifteen year old, but goddamn this was bad. Like, fails on every level. Like DoomRocket’s awesome and dedicated editor/creator Jarrod Jones actually toned down my first draft of this. Because this film hurt me. Did hurt you too? It’s a film that hurts and has no sense of decency. But hey, the new Ape movies are excellent and on par with the originals (Even up there with the underappreciated Escape From the Planet of the Apes).

I Reviewed Jaws 2: Jaws Again for DoomRocket

Summer. Prime shitty sequel season. In that spirit, here’s my look at the birth of the modern age of shit sequels: Jaws 2: Jaws Harder. While the third and fourth sequels were at least entertaining in their many failings, Jaws 2: Jaws Nightz is criminally mediocre.







Jaws 2: We’re Jawsing It?

Jaws 2: Fifty Jaws Darker?

Jaws 2: Everyone You Liked Said No

Jaws 2: Sharkland Tales

Jaws 2: The Jawsenning?



I’m sorry.

Plays! I Got Plays!

So, for a decade I wrote plays. In the end, I found my work was better suited to short stories, but that doesn’t mean I didn’t write a few good plays in that time (well, at least I think I did). I chose my favorite ones and included them in this little collection. This spans 2004 through 2012. Enjoy! Unless you don’t like plays. In that case I wouldn’t read them.

New Short Stories!

I have two new short stories on Wattpad!

Group 3: As the world around her collapses, Delia becomes desperate to find a safer place to raise her daughter. She turns to a company simply known as “The Clinic” and signs up for an experimental clinical trial. Soon, she discovers she’s not the first to turn to The Clinic for help, and there may be a link to the growing violence in this sweltering Oklahoma town.

Ten Years Since the Children Left: Ten years ago, 726 children disappeared in a single night without a trace. Now, a journalist makes a surprising and horrifying discovery: They were never really gone.