Short Stories on Wattpad

last-nightCurrently, I have several short stories available to read on, including two longer works, The Piasa and In Search of the Nobility, TX Wildman. Check ’em out! Unless you don’t want to. It’s your life and what not.

Ghosts and Posthaste Read by GCC

gccThe students at Grayson College in Denison, TX performed a night of staged readings, featuring work by me, Franky D. Gonzalez, and Daniel Garcia. On Sunday, I was able to see their performance of Ghosts and Posthaste. They did an incredible job with acting, staging, directing, everything. I felt honored that they chose my work and did such a wonderful job.


New Cover!

in-search-of-the-nobility-tx-wildmanHey, so the previous cover was a bit…lacking? Terrible? Practically non-existent? Agreed. So, I found a badass and perfect image on and then I went to and used a template. I had a few awesome friends, Chris Hart and Josh Mikel (of Sharkguts Design. Check it out, he’s awesome) offer some feedback. A few adjustments later and boom!

Is Your Mall Dying?

empty-mallDo you have a sneaking suspicion your mall is about to shuffle off this mortal coil? Well, it probably is. But hey, they were excellent hang outs/tax shelters while they lasted. Anyway, here are 13 signs your mall might be dying. Also, I might have taken picture of a dead guy. Might have…

Wildman is Nook Friendly! (also, it’s free)

In-Search-ofWere you one of the six people interested in my book, but you had a Nook? Well fear not, this sucker is on a new site and Nook friendly! Also, it’s probably Sony Reader friendly (if you’re one of the seven people still hanging on to their Sony Reader, RIP).

Bonus: The book is also free on Smashwords and if that price match option works on Amazon, it will be free there in a few days as well.

Double Bonus: Did you know there’s a 1976 movie where a guy kills a marauding bear with a rocket launcher? It’s called Grizzly and it’s on YouTube.