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Preorder Apartment 239!

My horror-comedy debut is finally available outside of Wattpad! This story kicked around for a few years as a series pitch. I made a very bad novella of it in 2010. Then tried again in 2013 (also bad). The started over in 2016, and finally made it click. I pitched it around, and eventually added it to Wattpad, where it did very well. Now, everyone will have a chance to enjoy it! The book is out November 1st. This is a weird book and honestly a weirdly personal one for me too. It’s dark and creepy, but funny too. I play with horror/comedy a lot, but I think this is the best balance I achieved between the two. Expect the sequel, High Strangeness, in 2023. There’s a third part, which will be out in 2024.

You can preorder it right here.

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