Interviews and Articles

Drew Blood’s Chilling Tales for Dark Nights

Drew Blood narrates my novelette, The Orb Weaver. Check it out right here!

Deadly Drabble Tuesdays: Showman’s Rest

100 words of terror about a very real cemetery in Hugo, OK. Check it out right here!

Drew Blood’s Chilling Tales for Dark Nights

Drew Blood narrates two stories from my collection We Will Find a Place for You: The Stone Tree and The Blue House. Check them out right here!

Unveiling Nightmares 

I got to talk to Crystal Baynam of the podcast Unveiling Nightmares about writing horror and finding inspiration in the creepy side of life. It was fun! Here’s a link.

The October Children

Every year horror author Patrick Tumblety unleashes his audio series, The October Children. Stories and poems all centered around Halloween and the spooky season. My short Halloween Heretics was featured in the season finale, check it out here

Moths to the Flame 

I had the chance to talk with the amazing author Marie Lestrange about writing horror, the paranormal, and all things creepy and weird! Give it a listen right here. 

Yes It’s Fucking Political

TC Parker was gracious enough to let me talk about politics and the influence on my horror stories in her latest blog series! Check it out right here!

Drew Blood’s Dark Tales

Here a fantastic reading of three of my stories: Junkman, Nature of the Business, and They Wait Underground. YouTube link here.

Talking With Kimberly Davis Basso

I had a live interview with the awesome Kimberly Davis Basso (who wrote the fantastic horror collection (Next Door) all about Apartment 239, self-publishing, and real-life ghost stories. Check it out!

Bubble Bath with Baph

I’ve been on a few podcasts, but this was my most unhinged experience and I loved every minute of it. At some point, I do read my story A Texas Halloween. Damien Casey, Adam Hulse, Kyra Torres, and I all allow this one to go off the rails and we’re all better for it. Check it out!

Killer Mediums

Author William Sterling has a really fun podcast where he sits down with horror authors to talk about a specific medium. With me, we discussed how things “cabin in the woods” from the Evil Dead to the Friday the 13th game and beyond. 

Three Questions 

The great Steve Stred, author of Mastodon, asked me three questions as part of his interview series

Ghoulish Podcast

I got the chance to talk to Max Booth III on the Ghoulish Podcast about a subject near and dear to my heart: the North American Wood Ape. We talk about Bigfoot, urban legends, and more! 

Staring Into The Abyss

Staring in the Abyss is just the best. Richard Gerlach, Matt Brandenburg, and I talk about Joe R Lansdale’s gory, grimy, and heartbreaking look at the world post-nuclear apocalypse, Tight Little Stitches in a Dead Man’s Back. I also find out about the short film Possibly in Michigan and as of now, I am not the same.  

Cursed Morsels

I recently talked to Eric Raglin on his podcast Cursed Morsels. The podcast is dedicated to short horror fiction, and Eric is the author of one of my favorite collections, Nightmares Yearnings

Voices From The Mausoleum

I was so excited to have two of my short stories, The Church on Bethel Cannon Road and The House Beyond The Creek, read on the Voices From The Mausoleum podcast

Interview With Richard Fulco

I answered author Richard Fulco’s five questions on his blog! 

Interview From Author Rebecca Crunden

Rebecca Crunden, photographer and author of The Man and The Crow, interviewed me about my experience as an indie author.

Cemetery Gates Media Society

Every month, Cemetery Gates Media hosts a short story competition, with a specific theme for every month. My featured stories include:


From 2016 -2017 I wrote reviews for the Retrograding section of DoomRocket! I’m proud of my work with them, and I still love reading their articles (and listening to their podcast). If you like comics, I can’t recommend them enough.

Huffington Post

From 2015- 2017 I contributed a few comedy articles to Huffington Post. These are monument to the lie of “exposure” as these articles brought me no exposure, and since I didn’t get paid, they didn’t help with the electric bill. But goddamn it, I wrote them so here they are:


From 2012 to 2014, I wrote for the music review site Riffraf. They are no longer, all articles and interviews vanished into the ether. I had a chance to talk to Billy Joe Shaver, Roadies, Los Lonely Boys, Escondido, Camper Van Beethoven, and so many more. My favorite was the interview I did with my Uncle Skippey, shortly before he passed away. Riffraf is no more, but why not link to Skippey’s ReverbNation page?


So, this is from 2012 and a lot of the info is outdated now. Also, there was a definite clash between sourced material and entertaining material. But you know, still fun to write.