Interviews and Articles

Cemetery Gates Media Society

Every month, Cemetery Gates Media hosts a short story competition, with a specific theme for every month. My featured stories include:


From 2-16 -2017 I wrote reviews for the Retrograding section of DoomRocket! I’m proud of my work with them, and I still love reading their articles (and listening to their podcast). If you like comics, I can’t recommend them enough.

Huffington Post

From 2015- 2017 I contributed a few comedy articles to Huffington Post. These are monument to the lie of “exposure” as these articles brought me no exposure, and since I didn’t get paid, they didn’t help with the electric bill. But goddamn it, I wrote them so here they are:


From 2012 to 2014, I wrote for the music review site Riffraf. They are no longer, all articles and interviews vanished into the ether. I had a chance to talk to Billy Joe Shaver, Roadies, Los Lonely Boys, Escondido, Camper Van Beethoven, and so many more. My favorite was the interview I did with my Uncle Skippey, shortly before he passed away. Riffraf is no more, but why not link to Skippey’s ReverbNation page?


So, this is from 2012 and a lot of the info is outdated now. Also, there was a definite clash between sourced material and entertaining material. But you know, still fun to write.