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Dark Alleys in 2025!

Proud to announce that The Zervis Department will be publishing an illustrated collection of horror stories in 2025, called Dark Alleys! I just finished the illustrations, aside from some final touch-ups. 19 short stories/novelettes, and 19 drabbles and poems, each with their own creepy illustration. This will be an epic collection, can’t wait for you all to read it!

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I’m Going to Be at Zervcon 2024!

Hey, my first con visit is booked! I’m going to the first annual Zervcon, hosted by WB Zervis of The Zervis Department. Zervis recently published The Terrousel of Unimaginable Horror and the Egregious Dismanting of Reality, which features stories from Coy Hall, Matt Wildasin, and Michael Sellars.

The con takes place in Cape Cod on October 5th and 6th. I’ll be there slinging books and I hope to see you there! Also, this portrait was made as a promotional image for the con and goddamn it, I love it.

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High Strangeness Has Arrived!

It’s here! You can pick up the sequel to Apartment 239, which also acts as a standalone novel, everywhere books are sold! Seriously, you name. Ingram Sparks and beyond! Here’s some deets:

The end starts here! High Strangeness is a standalone tale of cosmic horror that also continues the story of Apartment 239. The lone survivor of a massacre and a trio that buy and sell haunted houses must team up to stop the apocalypse. Before you start the novel grab the FREE short story and get introduced to Haze, the Corpse Walker!

Welcome back to Marble Springs!


Amazon eBook and Paperback:

Everywhere Else

The Corpse Walker

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Enjoy A Cemetery Stroll!

Did you know I wrote a children’s book? Not only that, it’s being published through Cemetery Gates Media, a publisher I so excited to work with. For ages 5 to 9, this follows a girl named Hazel who is dared to cross a cemetery on Halloween night. She’s guided along the way by four strange stories, and some unexpected friends. There’s a lot of personal things here, I grew up by Desert Creek, and the The Zookeeper location is based on an area where my friends and I played in the early 90s. Pet Spider was written years ago for my kids, and I made a book of it for them. There’s on crumbling copy remaining at my house of that one. Honestly, a walk around the cemetery was something I often did with family as a kid. Seemed perfectly normal to me, but my wife, who is amazing and helped with tons of advice on this book, informed it was in fact not that normal. Anyway, the closest comparison I can give this is Alvin Schwartz’s In A Dark, Dark Room. I hope you enjoy it! Paperback and eBook available here.

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Preorder Time for The First Five Minutes of the Apocalypse!

Hungry Shadow Press has another killer anthology coming out! This one features stories about the first minutes of the apocalypse, the immediate seconds after the shit hits the fan. I have a story in it title When the Horizon Burns, and it’s the darkest thing I’ve written (so far at least). Plus, stories from Taryn Martinez, Carson Winter, D. Matthew Urban, Sara Tantlinger, Alex Fox, Tiffany Michelle Brown, Angela Sylvaine, M. Lopes da Silva, Andrew Cull, Ruth Anna Evans, Wendy N. Wagner, Gwendolyn Kiste, Olen Crowe, Brittany Johnston, Elou Carroll, Nick Bouchard, L. Marie Wood, W. Dale Jordan, Elford Alley, Chris Mason, Matthew M. Bartlett, Madison McSweeney, Rae Knowles, RJ Joseph, Emma E. Murray, V. Castro, Eoin Murphy, and J.A.W. McCarthy.

That’s a lot of awesome! You can preorder right here. Plus, that cover. Damn. Brandon Applegate edits a mean anthology, and you should read his short story collection too.