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Drew Blood Narrates “The Blue House” and “The Stone Tree”

I was so excited to hear drew Blood’s epic narration of my stories a few months back, and now he’s taking on two horror stories from my collection We Will Find a Place for You! if you haven’t been listening to Chilling Tales for Dark Nights, you’re missing out. I’m obsessed with this series. You can hear his take on my stories right here.

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Yes, It’s Fucking Political!

TC Parker is a brilliant horror writer, check out Hummingbird and find out for yourself. But she’s also starting this awesome series where horror writers talk about the influence of politics on their work. I was in the first episodes, talking about poverty and the poisonous influence of right-wing politics, and how this informs my scary stories. Check it out right here!

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Make Up Your Dying Bad in Texas Roadkill Volume 8

I’m so excited to announce my story, Make Up Your Dying Bed, is part of Texas Roadkill Volume 8! I love this anthology series, featuring the best of Texas horror. I’ve submitted before, and third times a charm, it seems! So, never give up on your dream publishers/anthologies/magazines.

Edited by Patrick C. Harrison III, and with stories by Joe R. Lansdale, Emma E. Murray, Jae Mazer, Bret McCormick, Madison Estes, Chris Miller, James H. Longmore, Jonathan Louis Duckworth, Robert Stahl, Matt Micheli,
Iphigenia Strangeworth, Jacob Austin, R. L. Olvitt, Lawrence Buentello, Tom Bont, Bev Vincent, and of course, the awesome E. R. Bills.

My story focusing on the last hours of Blind Willie Johnson’s life, spent succumbing to exposure in the burnt remains of his home. As with many blues legends, whose legacies would make millions for others, the man is often forgotten, even if the music survives.

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Check Out “Bad Dreams at Vernon Rest!”

The Nightmare Never Ends, the second anthology from Jennifer Bernardini of Exploding Head Fiction, is out today! This one features my story Bad Dreams at Vernon Rest, which sees a reappearance of the creepy cemetery kids from my story They Eat the Dead. This also features stories by Brian Bowyer, Holly Rae Garcia, Adam Hulse, Mia Dalia, Lena Ng, Patrick Barb, Cat Voleur, Tom Rimer, Phil Ford, Scott Miller, Cindy O’Quinn, and Philip Webb. Plus, killer illustrations by David Bowman!

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“They Eat the Dead” in Books of Horror Volume 4 Part 2!

Out today! My story “They Eat the Dead” is being featured in the second part of the fourth volume of the Books of Horror anthology series. I hope you will check it out, this is an especially creepy story that I am very proud of. Find fact, a second story featuring the same terrifying children will be in The Nightmare Never Ends anthology, out October 15th.