Dates for Ghosts at Capital Fringe 2018!

Ready for the new and improved Ghosts (Directed by Kathleen Barth and Produced by Charlotte Corneliusen)?! The play goes up at Blind Whino during the Capital Fringe Festival at:

SAT 7/21 at 10:45pm (Opening Night!)
SUN 7/22 at 2:00pm
SUN 7/22 at 9:00pm
TUE 7/24 at 7:15pm
SUN 7/29 at 1:00pm (Closing) 

Tickets will be going on sale soon. Also, how amazing is this poster? It was created by Elitsa Mitova (you can see more of her work at The Crunchy Apple).



In Search of the Nobility, TX Wildman is FREE!

Well, for five days at least. So if you haven’t had a chance to check it out, you can download the book to your Kindle. It’s about obsession, tragedy, comedy, Bigfoot…what else could you want? Here’s a synopsis:

Maverick Casey spent his life searching for a monster in the vast woods behind his home. But now time is running out. Desperate to leave behind a legacy and slowly losing his grip on reality, Maverick enlists the help of a disgraced TV show host to document his final expedition in the thicket, his final search for the legendary Wildman of Nobility, TX.

Hardscrabble Theater Will Be Producing “What We Recovered”

Hello my friends!

In March, Hardscrabble Theater will be producing my ten-minute Twilight Zone homage “What We Recovered” for their Original One-Acts In-the-Round new play festival on March 16th and 17th!

I’m super excited, this is a brand-new play so I can’t wait to see how it turns out. I’ll post additional details closer to the date. Until then, you can check out more information here.

Check Out Serling & Price Real Estate!

Hey you two crazy kids! How goes it? I’m good. Good, good, good. I might be an alcoholic? No, this isn’t the place for that, Elford. You don’t have a problem. You can stop whenever you want, Elford. Whenever. You. Want.

Anyway, I’m starting a new novel on Wattpad. This one is a sequel to Apartment 239, picking up on our favorite little town, Marble Springs, a year after the madness of Apartment 239. So, enjoy Serling & Price Real Estate! They buy and sell haunted houses!

Check Out Ghosts This Halloween!

My one act play Ghosts will be performed along with two other original horror one acts on October 27th and 28th at The Academy at Little Theater of Alexandria (604 Wolfe Street, Alexandria, VA 2231). There will be performances each day, with shows taking place on each floor of a historic Alexandria building. Ghosts will be occupying the third floor. Admission is only $5 and shows are selling out fast!

Happy Halloween! I Got Zombies!

Hey guys, how’s October treatin’ ya? Work okay? How’s the hip? Anyway, here’s a short story a did called Nature of the Business. Here’s the sexy synopsis:

The dead rose, and then they fell. Now, a small business in North Texas has found way to rebuild their lives and make a little profit from humanity’s darkest days.

Crumbling economy, nation on the brink, living dead, what could be more fun?

Apartment 239 Won This Award!

Hello you guys, how have you been? Good? Excellent! You both mean a lot to me, I hope you know that. Especially you. Anyway, I was very surprised to find out that Apartment 239 won a Wattys Breakthrough Award! 280,000 stories entered this competition, only a small handful won. Somehow, some impossible way, Apartment 239 made the cut. How cool is that?! Also, I’m behind on the last three chapters of Ten Years Since The Children Left. My bad…

UPDATE: Ten Years Since The Children Left Part II – XII

Hey guys. How are you? Good? I hope so.

So, people seem to really like Ten Years Since the Children Left. From the feedback though, it seems like the story ended too abruptly and lacks closure. I wanted it to be mysterious and ambiguous, leaving major questions for the reader. Instead I pulled a Prometheus and just frustrated people. With that in mind, I’m completing this story with several additional chapters, which you can check out below (as well as sneak peaks as to what’s to come):

UPDATE: I finished this fucking thing on November 2nd. Damn right.

Warning: This one will get weird:

Part Two: The Ritual

Part Three: Another Comes Home

Part Four: We Got A Live One

Part Five: Ten Years Before The Children Left

Part Six: The Night They Left

Part Seven: Have You Seen Him?

Part Eight: The Grinning Man

Part Nine: From The Hill

Part Ten: The God in the Glass

Part Eleven: With No One Left

Part Twelve: Epilogue


Get Ready to Lose Hope!

Okay, I promise I will never make a title on here like that again. I won’t. Goddamn it, I can’t afford to lose you two. I promise, I won’t push you away again.

So, I expanded my short story Hope. You can read it on nosleep (where you have to respond to comments in character, very very fun) or on Wattpad.