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Preorder Time for The First Five Minutes of the Apocalypse!

Hungry Shadow Press has another killer anthology coming out! This one features stories about the first minutes of the apocalypse, the immediate seconds after the shit hits the fan. I have a story in it title When the Horizon Burns, and it’s the darkest thing I’ve written (so far at least). Plus, stories from Taryn Martinez, Carson Winter, D. Matthew Urban, Sara Tantlinger, Alex Fox, Tiffany Michelle Brown, Angela Sylvaine, M. Lopes da Silva, Andrew Cull, Ruth Anna Evans, Wendy N. Wagner, Gwendolyn Kiste, Olen Crowe, Brittany Johnston, Elou Carroll, Nick Bouchard, L. Marie Wood, W. Dale Jordan, Elford Alley, Chris Mason, Matthew M. Bartlett, Madison McSweeney, Rae Knowles, RJ Joseph, Emma E. Murray, V. Castro, Eoin Murphy, and J.A.W. McCarthy.

That’s a lot of awesome! You can preorder right here. Plus, that cover. Damn. Brandon Applegate edits a mean anthology, and you should read his short story collection too.

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