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Enjoy A Cemetery Stroll!

Did you know I wrote a children’s book? Not only that, it’s being published through Cemetery Gates Media, a publisher I so excited to work with. For ages 5 to 9, this follows a girl named Hazel who is dared to cross a cemetery on Halloween night. She’s guided along the way by four strange stories, and some unexpected friends. There’s a lot of personal things here, I grew up by Desert Creek, and the The Zookeeper location is based on an area where my friends and I played in the early 90s. Pet Spider was written years ago for my kids, and I made a book of it for them. There’s on crumbling copy remaining at my house of that one. Honestly, a walk around the cemetery was something I often did with family as a kid. Seemed perfectly normal to me, but my wife, who is amazing and helped with tons of advice on this book, informed it was in fact not that normal. Anyway, the closest comparison I can give this is Alvin Schwartz’s In A Dark, Dark Room. I hope you enjoy it! Paperback and eBook available here.

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