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Trick Or Tweet 2021!

Trick or Tweet 2021 is a simple exercise. Everyday in October, writers will create a tweet-sized story. Gabino Iglesias (who wrote Coyote Songs, which you should read) came up with the idea, and Villimey Mist (who wrote The Nocturnal Series, which you should read) created a prompt for each day! This has been super fun, and below are the tweets I came up with for each day. The prompts are hash-tagged in each one!

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Camp Summerside

camp summerside Since we’re still baking in a hotter-than-usual summer, (a result of the climate hell that will be the only lasting legacy of our doomed specie lol), why not share a slasher story? Enjoy the orientation materials for the new members of Unit A at Camp Summerside! The elite squad responsible for keeping campers safe from a certain lumbering killing machine…

This one also has Easter Eggs!

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A New Website And A Mummified Outlaw!

Welcome to! Where you will find out about my latest horror stories, read about the weird tourist traps I visit, and of course, cringe at my fringe political beliefs. I’m sorry retail work radicalized me, Joyce, but I won’t apologize for my A Guillotine for Every Billionaire platform, I just won’t! Anyway, today I’m talking about this new fancy site, and failed-bank-robber turned successful-Halloween-decoration, Elmer McCurdy.

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