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An Audiobook of Ghost Stories!

The Last Night in the Damned House is now on audiobook! These are ghost stories that definitely benefit from being read aloud. Much of the farmhouse trilogy that makes up the first third is based on real experiences from a haunted house in the community I grew up in. Hope is a great four-part story that was once on Reddit’s r/nosleep, and of course all of these stories lived on Wattpad briefly. They’ve changed quite a bit since then, and I can’t for you to experience them as read by the always epic Geof Sturtevant.

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Something Bad Happened Is Here!

I was recently invited to submit a story in an epic anthology. Something Bad Happened is edited by the great Jennifer Bernardini, and the cover is by Wayne Fenlon. Bernardini created a journal with an opening line on each page to help jumpstart stories for horror authors. Each tale begins with one of these sentences.  My story focuses on a final girl who tries to break the cycle and finally free herself from a stalking slasher, while also examining the killer/final girl dynamic. It was a fun one to write! I am absolutely outclassed in this anthology, people. Seriously, I have a story in the same anthology as Angel Krause, Bill Davidson, Cindy O’Quinn, Rayne King, Yolanda Sfetsos, Adam Hulse, Ross Jeffery, Laurel Hightower, Brian Bowyer, J.B. Taylor, Steve Stred, Jaime Hernandez, and R. Reyes. It’s also illustrated, how fucking cool is that?!

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Get the Ash and Bone Audiobook and All Your Dreams Will Come True

Well, maybe not all your all dreams, but at least one! I’m so excited to let you know about the Ash and Bone audiobook. I’ve never had my work in audiobook form and damn it, I feel like a real author. Thanks again, Velox Books for setting this up. The book is being read by the incredible author/podcaster/voice of silk Geof Sturtevant. I hear the audio version of The Last Night in the Damned House is ion the horizon too!

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Spend a Night in the Damned House!

Today is the day! The new Velox Books edition of The Last Night in the Damned House has been released! This one features three stories about three generations battling an entity in a haunted farmhouse. There is also Hope, a four-part story that once graced the No Sleep subreddit. Many of these tales were written during a sleepless stretch of 2015/16, when I was working full time and being a stay-at-home dad. Total exhaustion can pay dividends if you survive it. Ha. A couple were added to the TOC in 2019 and 2020. There are nine stories to entertain, and to terrify. I hope you enjoy them!

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Ash and Bones: Tales of Terror has returned, with a new edit and formatting from the awesome Velox Books! I’m so excited to this edition hit the shelves and kindles of the world. If you love creepy short stories of monsters and mayhem, and also my anxieties about climate change, the decline of the United States into fascism, and parenthood, well, here it is! Should I talk to a therapist? Probably! But until then, I’m distilling my fears and issues into bite sized morsels of terror. For you. I love you.

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Who’s Ready to Preorder Last Night in the Damned House?!

Is it you?! Are you ready?!?! Goddamn right you are. The new and improved Velox Books edition of Last Night in the Damned House and Other Ghost Stories will be here on August 1st, and you can preorder right now for just $2.99. In other news, the publication date of the new Ash and Bone: Tales of Terror has been moved up, and is dropping on June 13th! And what of Apartment 239, you ask? Well, it’s being edited as we speak, so expect it this summer on a date that doesn’t conflict with my other books! That’s all the news I have for today. No, wait! My wife bought me a life size wooden cut out of Bigfoot, and now my life is complete in a way I never knew possible.



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Preorder Ash and Bone: Tales of Terror!

The releases of the Velox Books editions of my collections will begin with Ash and Bone: Tales of Terror! I love this collection, it features some of my favorite stories I’ve written, such as Nature of the Business and Funny Kittens. This collection and Last Night in the Damned House were written at a time when I was working from home with a new baby and just utterly exhausted. I wrote during nap times, or in the middle of the night when my youngest refused to sleep. Hell, a few were written with her sleeping on my shoulder. I think the sleep deprivation gives them an extra layer of weirdness…

You can preorder the ebook for just $2.99, and it will drop on June 22nd. The paperbacks and hardbacks should be available then as well!

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My Horror Collections Are Joining Velox Books!

Well, I have an exciting announcement. My four horror story collections will be joining Velox Books.

This includes:

The Last Night in the Damned House

Ash and Bone: Tales of Terror

Find Us and Other Stories

We Will Find a Place for You

They’ll be missing from Amazon for a few weeks, but the new and improved editions will be back, and available on multiple platforms, in ebook and paperback. At the moment, there are a handful of paperbacks you can buy on Amazon with the Desert Creek Publishing imprint, so get ’em while you can! If I die unexpectedly, maybe they’ll be worth something!

You can add your email to this mailing list to receive updates on the status of my collections, and a FREE ebook (The Pen Name by David Jacob Knight) for your trouble. I’ll keep you updated!