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Who’s Ready to Preorder Last Night in the Damned House?!

Is it you?! Are you ready?!?! Goddamn right you are. The new and improved Velox Books edition of Last Night in the Damned House and Other Ghost Stories will be here on August 1st, and you can preorder right now for just $2.99. In other news, the publication date of the new Ash and Bone: Tales of Terror has been moved up, and is dropping on June 13th! And what of Apartment 239, you ask? Well, it’s being edited as we speak, so expect it this summer on a date that doesn’t conflict with my other books! That’s all the news I have for today. No, wait! My wife bought me a life size wooden cut out of Bigfoot, and now my life is complete in a way I never knew possible.



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