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New Work on The Horizon

Hello people! So, for much of 2020 I had the usual pandemic related struggles. No need for detail, you get it. I did not write King Lear, or much of anything else. However, now that relative normalcy is here, I am back at it. Which means soon I will have some stories for you to read! Check ’em out:

We Are Never Leaving (Oct/Nov ’21)

I’m 20,000+ words into this one! A family moves into a new home to discover it’s haunted, and that the ghosts want them to leave right away. Having sunk most of their meager finances into this house, they refuse and use everything they’ve learned from pop culture to fight back. Eventually, they realize the ghosts might be trying to warn them about something else that occupies their home…

We Will Find A Place For You (Dec ’21)

My fourth horror story collection! I have 20+ stories lined up, a mix of short stories, flash fiction, and even my horror plays, Ghosts and Learned Executioners. Really excited about this collection!

2022 Novellas

I also want to spend 2022 releasing a series of short novellas:

  • They’re Going to Get You: After being released from a mysterious facility, a woman struggles to understand the truth behind her memories of alien abduction, and what actually happened to her daughter. The clock is ticking, as she knows whatever is watching her will come for her soon.
  • The Devils of Wildcat Thicket: A couple returns to the rural area they grew up in, and discover the truth behind tales of lost treasures and monsters in the surrounding forest.
  • Killhouse!!!: Climate change refugees make their way across a rural expanse of Texas, heading north as quickly as they possible. Desperate for shelter, they discover a welcoming family living in a former amusement house attraction. They decide to stay the night, unaware of the depraved intentions of their backwoods hosts. My ode to The Texas Chain Saw Massacre and Eaten Alive.
  • Bloodsucking Demons: My vampire novel! A dark comedy, more in line with my books Apartment 239 and High Strangeness. The small town of Duck Mayr, TX becomes an isolated hellscape as a vampiric plague spreads among them. Many hide and fight back, while others embrace their new-found abilities. All are unaware of something very ancient and very hungry waiting patiently for them underground.
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