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Something Bad Happened Is Here!

I was recently invited to submit a story in an epic anthology. Something Bad Happened is edited by the great Jennifer Bernardini, and the cover is by Wayne Fenlon. Bernardini created a journal with an opening line on each page to help jumpstart stories for horror authors. Each tale begins with one of these sentences.  My story focuses on a final girl who tries to break the cycle and finally free herself from a stalking slasher, while also examining the killer/final girl dynamic. It was a fun one to write! I am absolutely outclassed in this anthology, people. Seriously, I have a story in the same anthology as Angel Krause, Bill Davidson, Cindy O’Quinn, Rayne King, Yolanda Sfetsos, Adam Hulse, Ross Jeffery, Laurel Hightower, Brian Bowyer, J.B. Taylor, Steve Stred, Jaime Hernandez, and R. Reyes. It’s also illustrated, how fucking cool is that?!

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