In Search of the Nobility, TX Wildman: Maverick Casey spent his life searching for a monster in the vast woods behind his home. But now time is running out. Desperate to leave behind a legacy, he enlists the help of a reality TV show host to document his final expedition in the thicket to search for the Wildman of Nobility, TX. Available on Amazon.


Apartment 239: When Abe begins seeing visions of the dead, he uncovers the sinister forces behind Marble Spring’s spate of missing persons cases and realizes that he may be barreling towards a grisly end. The novel is currently available on Wattpad. A 2017 Watty Award winner, Apartment 239 is also part of the Wattpad Next program.



High Strangeness: 

High Strangeness /hī/ /ˈstrānj-nəs/ : Referring to incidents of the unknown, peculiar, paranormal, and absurd.

The story of Apartment 239 continues! The fate of 726 missing children, the machinations of a centuries old madman, and a small real estate company promising buyers a chance to purchase real haunted houses all converge on a cursed town in Texas. Things are about to get much, much weirder in Marble Springs. Available on Wattpad.

The Last Night in the Damned House and Other Ghost Stories: Eight tales of terror, featuring stories of haunted houses, cursed families, and ruthless changelings in the guise of innocent children. Available on Amazon.

Ash and Bone: Tales of Terror: Eight scary stories, from the aftermath of an undead uprisings and eight-legged horrors, to cursed creatures and ancient beings scouring rural Texas for their next victim. Available on Amazon.