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Ghost Story Giveaway!

December is a time for ghost stories! So, with that in mind I will have all three of my books on Amazon FREE for the entire week. Enjoy! In Search of the Nobility, TX, Wildman: Last Night in the Damned House: Ash and Bone:

Check Out “The House Waits”

Hello you two crazy kids! Glad you’re still here. I hope you’re still here. Am I yelling into the dark? Am I shouting into the void? Oh well, no time for despair, I have a new short story! This is The House Waits, the third part of my haunted house trilogy. You can check out… Read more »

Happy Halloween! I Got Zombies!

Hey guys, how’s October treatin’ ya? Work okay? How’s the hip? Anyway, here’s a short story a did called Nature of the Business. Here’s the sexy synopsis: The dead rose, and then they fell. Now, a small business in North Texas has found way to rebuild their lives and make a little profit from humanity’s… Read more »

UPDATE: Ten Years Since The Children Left Part II – XII

Hey guys. How are you? Good? I hope so. So, people seem to really like Ten Years Since the Children Left. From the feedback though, it seems like the story ended too abruptly and lacks closure. I wanted it to be mysterious and ambiguous, leaving major questions for the reader. Instead I pulled a Prometheus and just… Read more »

Get Ready to Lose Hope!

Okay, I promise I will never make a title on here like that again. I won’t. Goddamn it, I can’t afford to lose you two. I promise, I won’t push you away again. So, I expanded my short story Hope. You can read it on nosleep (where you have to respond to comments in character,… Read more »

Watch Out for the Lechuza

I got another short story! This is about when we allow outside forces to divide us and turn us inward, we’re doomed. Also, it’s about witch owls. Witch owls, people!

Check Out Ash and Bone!

Hello good people! My Story Ash and Bone has been featured in the Wattpad noir anthology Take Away The Saints. Thanks again for Ian R Cooper for including the story, and also for interviewing me as part of the anthology (you can read that here). So check it out! Along with all the other badass stories.

New Story!

Here ya go! I have a nice little homage to Machen, Lovecraft, and Marjorie Bowen. It’s the Excavation of Hausman Hill. Enjoy!

New Short Stories!

I have two new short stories on Wattpad! Group 3: As the world around her collapses, Delia becomes desperate to find a safer place to raise her daughter. She turns to a company simply known as “The Clinic” and signs up for an experimental clinical trial. Soon, she discovers she’s not the first to turn to… Read more »

Short Stories on Wattpad

Currently, I have several short stories available to read on, including two longer works, The Piasa and In Search of the Nobility, TX Wildman. Check ’em out! Unless you don’t want to. It’s your life and what not.