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Wattpad Writer Spotlight

Wattpad recently featured me in their Paid Stories Writer Spotlight! So, you can read a little about my writing process, and how this program is helping me out. With bills. Mainly the electric bill. Also, you can see me looking totally comfortable having a professional picture taken! Look at how comfortable I look. So goddamn… Read more »

Apartment 239 Joins Wattpad’s Paid Stories

Today is the official launch of Wattpad’s Paid Stories program! Apartment 239, my little saga of one fucked up Texas town, has joined this program, which means you can purchase my book chapter-by-chapter or all at once using Coins, which can be picked up in iTunes or Google Play. I am super excited to have my… Read more »

Ghost Story Giveaway!

December is a time for ghost stories! So, with that in mind I will have all three of my books on Amazon FREE for the entire week. Enjoy! In Search of the Nobility, TX, Wildman: Last Night in the Damned House: Ash and Bone:

Ash and Bone Now Available on Amazon!

Guess what?! You, yes you, can now pick up my second short story collection, Ash and Bone: Tales of Terror on Amazon! I know there’s only one of you now, and my condolences. He gave it a good go but what can you do when someone sneaks up on you wielding a shattered beer bottle? Anyway,… Read more »

In Search of the Nobility, TX Wildman is FREE!

Well, for five days at least. So if you haven’t had a chance to check it out, you can download the book to your Kindle. It’s about obsession, tragedy, comedy, Bigfoot…what else could you want? Here’s a synopsis: Maverick Casey spent his life searching for a monster in the vast woods behind his home. But… Read more »

Check Out Serling & Price Real Estate!

Hey you two crazy kids! How goes it? I’m good. Good, good, good. I might be an alcoholic? No, this isn’t the place for that, Elford. You don’t have a problem. You can stop whenever you want, Elford. Whenever. You. Want. Anyway, I’m starting a new novel on Wattpad. This one is a sequel to… Read more »

Apartment 239 Won This Award!

Hello you guys, how have you been? Good? Excellent! You both mean a lot to me, I hope you know that. Especially you. Anyway, I was very surprised to find out that Apartment 239 won a Wattys Breakthrough Award! 280,000 stories entered this competition, only a small handful won. Somehow, some impossible way, Apartment 239… Read more »

Apartment 239 Is On Wattpad

Hello! So my next book is Apartment 239 and I’m currently serializing it on The story is about about Abe, a struggling parks department employee in a town filled with monsters, ghosts, and the occasional serial killer (or two). A little more comedy than the last one, a lot more horror than the last… Read more »

New Cover!

Hey, so the previous cover was a bit…lacking? Terrible? Practically non-existent? Agreed. So, I found a badass and perfect image on and then I went to and used a template. I had a few awesome friends, Chris Hart and Josh Mikel (of Sharkguts Design. Check it out, he’s awesome) offer some feedback. A… Read more »