Ash and Bone Now Available on Amazon!

Guess what?! You, yes you, can now pick up my second short story collection, Ash and Bone: Tales of Terror on Amazon! I know there’s only one of you now, and my condolences.┬áHe gave it a good go but what can you do when someone sneaks up on you wielding a shattered beer bottle? Anyway, he will live on in our hearts. RIP Jericho, you mad son of a bitch.

Oh, right, I forgot about self-promotion. Here’s a run down of the stories!

Eight short tales featuring inhuman creatures, the undead, and a world preparing to leave our species behind.

Nature of the Business: The dead rose, and then they fell. Now, a small business in North Texas has found way to rebuild their lives and make a little profit from humanity’s darkest days.

Ash and Bone: As humanity faces extinction and civilization crumbles in an unending winter, a broken detective finds an unlikely source of hope, and is willing to procure it at any cost.

The Corpse Walker: Haze is an old man with a terrible gift, the ability to briefly reanimate the dead. Haze finds himself enlisted to help search for a missing woman and identify the person responsible for her disappearance. What he finds instead follows him, stalks him, and demands he wreak the vengeance she no longer can.

Group 3: As the world around her collapses, Delia becomes desperate to find a safer place to raise her daughter. She turns to a company simply known as “The Clinic” and signs up for an experimental clinical trial. Soon, she discovers she’s not the first to turn to The Clinic for help.

Funny Kittens: After moving to a small town, Lou and Jane are horrified to discover the truth about the creatures their daughter Joy refers to as “funny kittens.” Creatures that are determined to come inside.

Lechuza: Between his father’s death, difficulties at school, and the growing animosity between him and his mother, Dan looks to the woods for respite. But he soon finds something very old and very cruel, something that begins calling to him.

Junkman: Colt owns a struggling business dealing in mostly illegal and strange contraband, but his luck seems to turn around when someone brings him Stitchman, a mummified corpse of indeterminate origin. But he soon realizes his good fortune comes at a terrible price.

The Bloody Beast of Boggy Creek: Skeptic Elroy Abernathy has built a career on peddling tales of the paranormal to pay his bills. However, he learns there may be some truth to a small town’s claims about a man-like monster killing their livestock.