UPDATE: Ten Years Since The Children Left Part II – XII

Hey guys. How are you? Good? I hope so.

So, people seem to really like Ten Years Since the Children Left. From the feedback though, it seems like the story ended too abruptly and lacks closure. I wanted it to be mysterious and ambiguous, leaving major questions for the reader. Instead I pulled a Prometheus and just frustrated people. With that in mind, I’m completing this story with several additional chapters, which you can check out below (as well as sneak peaks as to what’s to come):

UPDATE: I finished this fucking thing on November 2nd. Damn right.

Warning: This one will get weird:

Part Two: The Ritual

Part Three: Another Comes Home

Part Four: We Got A Live One

Part Five: Ten Years Before The Children Left

Part Six: The Night They Left

Part Seven: Have You Seen Him?

Part Eight: The Grinning Man

Part Nine: From The Hill

Part Ten: The God in the Glass

Part Eleven: With No One Left

Part Twelve: Epilogue