I Wrote A Book!

In Search ofI have a book out: In Search of the Nobility, TX Wildman.

Here’s the fancy blurb: Maverick Casey spent his life searching for a monster in the vast woods behind his home. But now time is running out. Desperate to leave behind a legacy, he enlists the help of a reality TV show host to document his final expedition in the thicket to search for the Wildman of Nobility, TX.

You may say, “hey, this is self-published, that doesn’t count!” Well, okay, maybe it doesn’t. But I’m still proud of the story and the work put into it. I’m also honored that so many people have been willing to download the book and read it. The story went through several forms, starting as a unfinished short film, then becoming a play, and now, complete and finished as a novel. In that time, so many people offered feedback and criticism, which helped me shape the story and make it into something worth reading. I think it tells a story anyone can relate to, what are you willing to sacrifice for your dreams? What happens if those dreams crash and burn and leave you utterly alone and broken? Also, it’s a comedy!